What is rosemary essential oil good for?

Rosemary essential oil (Oleum Rosmarini): Rosemary essential oil obtained by vapor distillation method from the leaves of rosemary, which is a fragrant and needle-shaped plant grown both as ornamental plant and medicinal plant, is a vegetable oil which can be used especially in external applications.

What is rosemary essential oil good for?

What is rosemary essential oil good for?Rheumatoid pain relief. Rosemary essential oil is beneficial against hair loss and blistering. The effect of stimulation is good for low blood pressure and continuous weakness. Regulating blood circulation and cardiovascular health is beneficial. Asthma helps to reduce complaints. Prevents inflammations. Strengthens the memory and increases the concentration. It accelerates healing when injured and in the morrow. Insomnia is good.

For those of you who are anticipating slimming with rosemary oil, we would like to remind you that the way to lose weight, or rather to get rid of excess poultry, is proper eating habit and regular sport. No miraculous anticipation must be entered into a product.

How to use rosemary essential oil? It can be externally applied to the body and hair, as well as by joining in the bath water. It is also used as a massage oil, diluted with edible oils, especially in cases of neck calcification. It is not recommended to use during pregnancy in addition to all these benefits.