What are the health benefits of sage?

SAGE: Sage grows spontaneously wild in the mountains’ tops, a long-leaved, pale green, very sharp scentful plant. At the beginning of summer, like june-july, flowers are collected and dried. Fresh green leaves can also be used.

What are the health benefits of sage?

Sage is useful in removing stomach and intestinal gases due to the effect of gas extinction. In addition to helping the digestive system work regularly, it also cuts nausea. In addition, stimulating effect accelerates blood circulation and gives strength and vigor to the body. It is useful for asthmatic patients with an open and relaxing effect of breathing paths and lungs. It whitens and strengthens the teeth. Provided you have sugar free. It is also effective on the nervous system: it calms people. This effect is useful to those who are very nervous and tense.

What are the health benefits of sage?How to use sage? Sage is consumed especially as tea. It is also used as a spice to give flavors and smells to foods and sacks. Sage tea, bath water to join the body gives vitality. It is especially useful to drink after meals because of its digestive and gas expelling properties. If mouthwash is made with sage tea, it will help to heal infections in the tonsils, gums and throat in a short time. By the way; One of the main causes of intra-oral sores is lack of vitamin. If your mouth and gums are constantly injured, make sure you are fed adequately and balancedly.

If you burn the dry sage on a barbecue or a samovar, you can keep the flies and the insects away from you.

Warning: Sage may increase blood pressure when overdosed. For this reason, especially those with high blood pressure can be advised to consume, if necessary not to consume. During pregnancy and suckling mothers are not recommended. More than 3 cups a day should not be drunk.