What are the health benefits of pine nuts?

Pine nuts: Pine nuts are extracted from the cone of the pine. Pine nuts have seeds that are ivory colored. It is a food consumed in many cultures around the world. It is quite nutritious. Pine nuts, a high calorie food, contain plenty of protein and minerals. The health benefits of pine nuts come from this rich nutrient content.

Average nutritional value of 100 g of pine nuts:

Energy671 kcalFat68 g
Carbohydrates13 gProtein14 g
Sodium2 mgPotassium597 mg
Iron5.5Magnesium251 mg
Calcium16 mgCholesterol0 mg
Vitamin A29 IUVitamin C0.8 mg

What are the health benefits of pine nuts?

What are the health benefits of pine nuts?It is a very good source of energy and gives the body energy. It helps lift the feeling of fatigue. The body increases resistance. It is beneficial against lung diseases, tuberculosis and bronchitis.

It is useful against coughing. He removes his spiritual distress. It increases sexual desire. It is good for bladder and kidney inflammation. It is useful in heart diseases.

Some vitamins, minerals and plant acids in pine nuts have balancing effects on cholesterol levels. For this reason, pine nuts have protective effects on heart and vascular health.

It helps prevent age-related eye diseases.

When pine nuts and honey are mixed and eaten, it gives strength to the body and increases sexual power. It is easier to give birth if it is drunk by beating and adding to the soup. Along with peanuts, it strengthens the stomach.

  • Effective against respiratory tract and heart diseases
  • Energizing
  • Nutritious

How to Use Pine Nuts?

It is worth the trouble to separate the pine nuts coming out of the cones collected from pine nuts pine.

The cones of the peanut mature are gathered when ripe and laid out on a sunny place. The cones are opened with the help of warm water and the seeds are taken out.

The seeds are softened in water to allow the seeds to be separated. The thin film covering the pine nuts seed is cleaned and finally the pine nuts are dried.

They are frequently added to meat, fish, salads and vegetable dishes or baked into bread.

It is stated that pine nut oil obtained by crushing pine nuts has appetite suppressing properties. Pine nuts can also show the same appetite-reducing effects.