Health benefits of yarrow

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium): A plant that loves arid soils. It usually growns on fields and roadsides. Yarrow is a fragrant plant that opens flowers in pink and white, contants essential oil, various alkaloids and flavonoids and salicylic acid. Its use as a medicinal plant is one of the most common herbs, because the health benefits of yarrow are very.

Health benefits of yarrow

The most striking issue in the medical use of yarrow is the effects on women’s diseases. In addition, digestive system diseases and lung diseases are also benefited.

Health benefits of yarrowYarrow has stimulating effects. It strengthens the nerves, gives strength and vitality to the body. It is also beneficial for people with insomnia problems because it has sedative effects.

It facilitates digestion by helping the digestive system to function properly. It also removes urine and intestinal gases. It helps to reduce gastritic complaints. Good for stomach illness and anemia.

Yarrow, which is also useful in lung diseases, softens the chest and sputum. It is also effective against lung cancer.

Yarrow is very useful in menstrual period for women who are painful and tense. It is also very effective for women suffering from menstrual irregularity. It is useful against inflammations and myomas that occur in the uterus. It helps to reduce the uterine flow. Yarrow reduces menopausal distress and helps to make this period more comfortable.

It accelerates the recovery of the wounds. It is useful for colds, flu and cough. It is beneficial against hemorrhoids. It has pain reliever and spasmolytic effects.

  • Yarrow is very effective against gynecological diseases.
  • It reduces menstrual pain.
  • It is very useful for women suffering from menstrual irregularity.
  • It is beneficial in the menopause period.
  • Yarrow has stimulating effects.
  • It facilitates digestion.
  • It removes the urine and intestinal gases.
  • It helps to reduce gastritic complaints.
  • It is beneficial against hemorrhoids.
  • It is painkiller and spasmolytic.

How to use Yarrow?

Leafy and flowered branches are collected when not yet fully opened and used after being dried in the shade. Flowers can be boiled and yarrow tea can be made. Fresh leaves are crushed and water is extracted or made into ointment.

This liquid or mash can be used externally against the breasts and wounds.

You can prepare tea by brewing yarrow can be used to moisturize your skin. This yarrow tea is also effective in relieving redness and itchiness in your skin. In all these benefits, the main use of the yarrow is mainly female diseases. Yarrow is really a very beneficial plant in women’s diseases.

It is beneficial to drink yarrow tea in women’s diseases. It is very useful to apply bath water with herbal tea for the treatment of many gynecological diseases and disorders in women’s regions. For this, a handful of yarrow is picked and boiled in boiling water, so that the herbal tea is prepared. This herbal tea is then poured into a bathtub. Once the bath water has dropped to the ideal temperature, it can be expected to sit in the water for a while. This practice of bathing will show many benefits in women’s diseases.