Benefits of burdock root – Burdock root benefits

What is burdock? (Arctium lappa) is a herbaceous plant that grows up to 1.5 meters and opens red flowers. Essential oil contains tannins and inulin.

Parts used medicinally: Dried burdock root is used for medical purposes, but the leaves and fruits (commonly, though erroneously, called seeds) are also used.

Nutrition facts: Burdock provides about 72 calories per 100 g. The burdock containing C and B6 vitamins contains plenty of potassium at the same time. It also contains valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium and iron. Minor amounts of zinc, selenium and phosphorus.

Benefits of burdock root

Benefits of burdock root: oil, tea (arctium lappa)It’s urine. It cleans the blood. It is beneficial against skin diseases. Reduce complaints of rheumatism and gout. It is beneficial against diabetes. It helps to sweat. Accelerate hair growth and reduce dandruff.

Medical uses: Burdock and burdock seeds are used in chest diseases. Burdock leaves and stalks are appetizing as well as being used as vegetables and are a good solution for dyspeptic complaints.

The root oil essence of burdock, a traditional medicinal plant used for many discomforts, also known as bur oil, improves hairiness, helps to reverse head problems such as dandruff and reduce hair loss. The burdock root oil makes the hair brighter.

The burdock root oil extract is rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids. It is known that the nutritional ingredients it contains maintain a healthy head skin and encourage natural hair growth. Combining burdock root oil with nettle paste oil and massaging these two fat heads daily has a greater effect than Bur fat.

Burdock leaves are used to speed up the healing period in pain treatment and natural burn treatment. It is stated that the wound has prevented bacterial recurrence and provided an excellent moisture bar.

  • Medicinal effects and uses: Aromatic, calms down intestinal tormina, stimulates digestion, absorbs gases, reduces nausea, diuretic, a blood purifying agent, intestinal antiseptic, renal anti-inflammatory effect, calms down head aches, pulmonary antiseptic, expectorant, effective against light diarrhea, gastric anti-inflammatory effect, effects against tumors.

How to use Burdock? Dried roots of the plant can be used by boiling or oil can be used externally mixed with olive oil. The oil obtained from its roots is also used in cosmetics.


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